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Blog: Programming: AV-Racer Devlogs

(1): Getting a functional car model
Figuring out a simple and robust car simulation for arcade purposes. In this article the car physics is explained alongside relevant code.
devlog 1
(2): Making maps and the editor
How maps for the game were created, and how relevant metadata about the track was created using a custom editor.
devlog 2
(3): Designing the AI
Figuring out how to code a working car AI model from scratch. In this article the process is explained alongside the different models used.
devlog 3
(4): Writing a low-level immediate-mode renderer
Writing a graphics rendering API using OpenGL with ease of use and modularity in mind. The process is explained on how the algorithms work.
devlog 4
(5): Writing a game controller rumble event manager for SDL
Managing multiple continous rumble commands over multiple frames under the SDL GameController API. The process is explained with code.
devlog 5
(6): A Simple Function-Based Menu System
Writing a simple and robust menu system that is easy to implement, work with, and debug.
devlog 6