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Wassim Alhajomar

Hi there! I'm Wassim, located in Berlin Germany. I'm a student of medicine and a hobbyist of all things programming. I enjoy working with code in C and designing games and game engine related stuff. I also enjoy playing and making music, writing, and painting. Right now all of my projects are done in whatever free time I can spare while I'm studying.

I discovered my passion for code in 2020 when I started working on a small platformer in my free time with the help of a friend, Said Alattrach, who taught me the basics and using Casey Muratori's videos as further guidance. Right now I've finished making my first game AV-Racer, and am planning to start on something in 3D soon.

Contact:  wassimulator@gmail.com
Twitter:  @wassimulator
Instagram:  @wassimulator
GitHub:  @wassimulator