I make stuff

What flag?

What flag shall fly today?
The seas have been different but the winds were kind
and nowhere would ships want to stay.
The men are tired and the sailors are blind
and the heart beats in a cage of clay

What flag are we to obey?
The king is asleep and the lands are dreaming
but the kids never ceased to play
The women would bear and the babies are screaming
and the fathers refuse to stay,

For what flag did we pay?
The dreams are pressed to rot in jars
where no light shines or ray
where the floors are damp and the walls are bars
and weeping men starve and pray

what beast do we claim to slay?
the shades are for sale and the colors are bland
friends and fiends merge and sway
the wind won't stop and the king won't stand
and the ships won't meet the quay

why fly a flag today?
if the hate is growing and the dreams are dying,
and love is the price to pay?
if the ships are sinking and the king is dead,
and the herds just want to stray?

burn all flags away,
let the minds in peace at bay
the herd is never gonna die,
and the dreams are here to stay.