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Don't let go

Don't let go, your hand and fingers twine
Wrap them in, embedded into mine
Don't let go, the shivers down the spine
A sense of me, and a scent of divine

Don't let go, of me, within your eyes
Depth within, a black that never shies
Don't let go, the smiles within the sighs
Of harmonies beyond the long replies

Don't let go, of the kiss below the arch
Of a beauty, which time may never parch
Don't let go, of a flash beyond the charge
Of a day sketched in the mind of March

Don't let go, of pleads within a rhyme
When it comes within the seam of time
Don't let go, of bets below a dime
When you reach the beginning of the climb

Don't let go, of what's not itched on stone
Behind a garden that has overgrown
Don't let go, of a love you can not clone
Of a heart, and mind, you call your own