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Lyrics: City of Embers

Wassim Alhajomar ยท City of Embers

Verse 1

Glide through the waves
with the winds of the ocean
Rise through the graves
to the call of the sun
tracing the sands
with the tides of the seas and
engulfing the lands
with the blood of the free

Chorus 1

Take a hand and flee, run
heed the calls of the bleeding sun
Dust of burning lands
rides the waves on the seas of sand

Verse 2

Through the winds the night
With the rage of the fallen
Strand after strand
renegades of the seas for a
land to command
To the raiders concede

Chorus 2

Take the reigns and we ride
hear the calls of the roaring pride
Cries of venging clans
rising ashes the seas of sand


longing to stand
on our ancestors' land
the embers would know
of a place that was home

Sweeping the ashe
are the cold winds of time
But when we return
We're the angels of death

Explanation and references

The song references the ancient city of Carthage, which was sacked and destroyed after the end of the third Punic Wars with the Roman Republic in 149 BC. The significance of the event cannot be understated as it kicked off the socioeconomical and political changes of the late Roman Republic that led to its fall after roughly a hundred years. The event also saw an eradication of a culture and a people, who were either murdered or enslaved.

The song is about the loss of a home, a heritage, and a culture. A longing to a land abandoned and a vengful wrath of those who plan to return.